Bunk Beds or Trundle Beds?

If you are looking at making a decision between bunk beds or a trundle bed, chances are you have children.  Chances are also that you are a person who either needs to consider space or who wants to make the most use out of the space you have.  Both options are great options for children’s bedroom furniture, and either decision would clear floor space for other kids bedroom furniture, toy storage, or a play space.  However, when deciding which one of these two purchases you are going to make, ask yourself these questions first to avoid making the wrong decision for your family.

  1. Is at least one of your children old enough to sleep in the top of the bunk bed?  While bunk beds can be a great choice for kids, the sheer height of a top bunk bed makes it unsafe for a younger child who still rolls out of bed.  If you are going to purchase a bed now, and you have any fears at all that your child may be at risk on the top of a bunk bed, then consider the trundle bed more seriously, or wait until your children are old enough to handle the higher sleeping height.  Many manufacturers recommend a child be over six years or age before you consider purchasing a bunk bed for use by a child.
  2. Providing you have a child old enough to sleep on the top bunk, is your child able then to climb the ladder to the top bunk?   Bunk bed ladders have their own kind of feeling when climbing up and climbing down.  Check out ladders in furniture stores first if you are considering a bunk bed purchase, and if your child does not feel comfortable with the feel of the ladders, put more consideration into a trundle bed or other bedding option. queen size bed dimension
  3. Although there is a difference in height, both bunk beds and a trundle bed have one upper bed and one lower bed.  Can you and your children come to a reasonable acceptance of who will sleep on the top bed and who will sleep on the bottom?  If you purchase either of these two types of beds for your children, you will obviously need to come to some sort of sleeping arrangements for them, and they will need to be comfortable with those arrangements.  Show pictures of both kinds of beds to your children before you make any purchases, and see if you can all work together towards whatever sleeping arrangement works best for your family.  If you feel uncomfortable that there will always be fighting over the top bunk or over the bottom bunk, first reconsider if there is a need to look at another kind of bed, or consider if you need to wait on your purchase until you can come to an acceptable arrangement that works for everyone.  Sometimes the idea of having to wait will help children be creative in solving whatever problems they may be dealing with, helping everyone to come to a good decision everyone can live with.
  4. Both bunk beds and trundle beds have other space considerations.  Can you accommodate the additional space needs of either of these two bedding options?  Bunk beds will generally incorporate a ladder to the higher bunk on the end of the bunk bed structure.  If not, there will be a ladder that comes out from the side of the bed.  If a ladder is built into the bed frame, is there room for the child to climb the ladder?  If the bed frame has a detached ladder which comes out from the side of the bed, do you have room for the ladder to slant out from the bed frame?  On the opposite hand, a trundle bed needs enough room to be pulled out for use.  Which extra space requirement works best with the room you have?

Being able to consider your children’s physical development and temperaments in addition to their bedroom size and shape while asking yourself questions like these will help you determine whether bunk beds or a trundle bed would be the best bedroom purchase for your family’s needs.

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